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Cambridge Creatives is a student run creative collective. We host a series of talks with world renowned professionals in film, tv and theatre. We also hold competitions, run screenings and release curated reviews. We want to inspire, inform and entertain.

Meet the 2022-23 Committee


Maya Marie (she/her)

Co-President (Website Executive)

Maya is an MPhil English Studies student at Selwyn College. Her role on the committee involves pitching, writing, and editing articles, managing our website and our team of writers, as well as organising events and leading the committee. She loves all things TV, film, and theatre, regularly writes screenplays and drama, and is looking to pursue a career in TV development.

Amy Mallows (she/her)

Co-President (Projects Executive)

I'm Amy, I'm the Co-President (Projects Executive) on the committee and I'm an undergrad finalist in Education, English and Drama. A big fan of all things ‘creative’ (who’d have thought?), you’ll usually find me weeping to musical theatre, binging the latest reality TV masterpiece, or consuming all things comedy (and writing/performing it myself).


George Lloyd (he/him)

Bookings Officer

I’m George, I study history at Emmanuel College. My favourite hobby is crying shamelessly at films.

Diana Bridgman (she/her)

Speakers Officer

An HSPS student from Estonia with a passion for the stage and a regular visitor at the BFI. Particularly interested in how the contemporary theatre scene explores issues of identity and social justice. Formerly a development banker, now getting a degree due to the insistent urging of society.

Ali Rowe (she/her)

Competitions Officer

I'm Ali, this year's Competitions Officer, and I'm currently in my first year of a part-time Masters in Writing for Performance. As a scriptwriter myself - I particularly love to write linguistically stylised and historical scripts - I'm excited to be involved with the judging and organisation of script-writing competitions.

Rowan Hand (he/him)

Staff Writer

Rowan is a screenwriter and script editor who is convinced that Netflix is making us stupid; he teaches math in his spare time.

Azeb Tuji (they/them)

Diversity Officer

Azeb (UHH-zeb) is a first-year graduate student at Lucy Cavendish, studying Writing for Performance. They're an interdisciplinary artist, multimedia writer, and community activist from the greater Seattle area who passionately advocates for voices that are often pushed to the margin.

Ella Plevin


Ella Plevin is a multidisciplinary writer (screen and print) and creative based in London and Cambridge.

Florence Singer (she/her)

Liaison Officer

Florence is an MPhil English student at Trinity College. Her role involves liaising with colleges and speakers to organise the practical arrangements for guest speaker events. She is excited to be involved with Cambridge Creatives this year as a forum for exploring future creative career opportunities.

Amber Ash (she/her)

Theatre and Performance Writer

Amber is an MPhil English Studies student at Darwin College. She is interested in performance and audience, particularly in theatre and radio, and most recently in the digital realm. A regular writer of reviews, she looks forward to exploring what the Cambridge theatre scene has to offer this year.

Maryam Tanwir (she/her)

Speakers Officer

Maryam is an academic, social venture capitalist, neuropractitioner and podcast host.

Kai Wissler (he/him)

Social Media Officer

Kai is an undergrad finalist in Film & TV Production at Anglia Ruskin. His role sees him responsible for content creation and our social media presence. His heart belongs to satirical TV shows with witty dialogue, and there are few serialised dramas that he couldn't hold TED talks on. As a scriptwriter himself, he is pursuing a career in writing for television and aspires to be a showrunner.


Hannah Collins


Fabienne Marshall


Ele Forsdyke


"Cambridge Creatives was founded as a response to the cancellation of productions across the industry. I could see there was a desire for inspiration, but I never imagined how one brainstorm could transform into a series of Q&As with our heroes from stage and screen. Our original idea has blossomed into a stellar line-up of speakers, a growing community and an ambitious strategy for future series."

- Hannah Collins

Past Committees

2021 Committee

President & Founder: Hannah Collins

Co-Founder: Fabienne Marshall

Co-Founder: Ele Forsdyke

President: Ella Burns (she/her)

Executive Officer (Projects): Amy Lever (she/her)

Executive Officer (Social Media): Georgia Finucane (she/her)

Executive Officer (Website): Martha French (she/her)

Projects Officer: Ella Williams (she/her)

Projects Officer: Sina Nafisi

Projects Officer: Anna Chan

Social Media Officer: Arianna Muñoz (she/her)

Social Media Officer: Sumaya Abdi (she/her)

Social Media Officer: Maddy Sanderson

Website Officer: Angus Warburg (he/him)

Reviews Assistant: Daisy Cox (she/her)

Diversity Officer: Robbie Boyd (he/they)

Speakers Officer: Sanâa Estibal-Tekaïa

2020 Committee

President & Founder: Hannah Collins

Social Media Officer: Belle Delito

Project Officer : Tiago Richardson

Project Officer: Sasha Kay

Executive Officer (Social Media): Claire Lee Shenfield

Editor of Website: Frankie Weir

Social Media Officer: Mojola Akinyemi

Scheduling Officer: Vee Tames

Website Designer: Emily Shen

Graphic Designer : Caspar Bhalerao

Diversity Officer: Yasmin Kira

Executive Officer (Reviews): Harriet King


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