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'Crash and Burn' Review: ★★½

Performance Review

Climate theatre couldn’t be of more significance this Fringe, but a stale narrative fails to inspire meaningful calls to action.

Maya Marie on 2023-08-26

'Moderation' Review: ★★★★½

Performance Review

Moderation delves into the swamps of internet depravity, showcasing its mental toll with powerful performances.

Luna Jarvis on 2023-08-26

'Garry Bonds' Balanced Breakfasts' Review: ★★★½

Performance Review

Phonofiddle brings us another deeply weird show with Garry Bonds’ Balanced Breakfasts.

Oscar Merlin Griffin on 2023-08-26

Alex Franklin Review: ★★★★

Performance Review

For those who enjoy stupid humour (and maybe Reddit) and want to sit back for an hour of ridiculous jokes and easy, joyful laughs.

Oscar Merlin Griffin on 2023-08-25

'Peer Gynt: A Jazz Revival' Review: ★★★½

Performance Review

Whatever you are expecting, throw it out the window.

Oscar Merlin Griffin on 2023-08-23

'Liv Ello and Frankie Thompson: Body Show' Review: ★★★★★

Performance Review

Flitting flawlessly between comedy and sincerity, you cannot be bored in Body Show.

Oscar Merlin Griffin on 2023-08-23

'52 Monologues for Young Transsexuals' Review: ★★★★★

Performance Review

From spoken word, performance art, parody, lip-sync and satire, 52 Monologues is a powerhouse in emotional storytelling.

Luna Jarvis on 2023-08-21

'Palindrome' Review: ★★★★

Performance Review

Full of elegant compositions, powerful performances and a heartwarming message, Palindrome’s success is in its simplicity and execution.

Luna Jarvis on 2023-08-20

'Secreting' Review: ★★★★

Performance Review

Underage drinking, relationship problems, and the volatility of high school social life are convincingly displayed in Maya Marie's new play.

Oscar Merlin Griffin on 2023-08-19

'Dazzling' Review: ★★★★½

Performance Review

Charlie Scott-Haynes is captivating in Holly Sewell's gut-wrenching yet tender portrayal of a struggle with desire, obsession, and addiction.

Amber Ash on 2023-08-19

'30 and Out' review: ★★★★

Performance Review

Lesbian is a word rife with assumptions, stigma and celebration; all of which Kit Sinclair adeptly addresses in her one-woman-show 30 and Out.

Luna Jarvis on 2023-08-18

'Will BF: The Last Gun' Review: ★★★★½

Performance Review

The Last Gun embraces the fact that it’s nice to take an hour out of your day to just be silly, especially within the frantic time of Fringe.

Sara Sioufi on 2023-08-16

'Electra/Haimara' Review: ★★½

Performance Review

Considering the breadth of the play there was plenty of room for some adventurous directing and staging choices, but those choices weren’t made.

Sara Sioufi on 2023-08-14

'Jingle Street Review': ★★★★

Performance Review

Packed full of charm, a heartfelt message overcomes a largely formulaic narrative.

Amber Ash on 2023-08-10

'Footlights: Leftovers' Review: ★★★

Performance Review

In more cases than one, Footlights: Leftovers leaves us with more questions than answers.

Maya Marie on 2023-08-08

'Under the Silver Lake'

Essential Viewing

The Shackles of Youth: Hipster Irony vs. Dirtbag Misogyny in Under the Silver Lake

Rowan Hand on 2023-06-08

'The Seagull' Review: ★★★★

Performance Review

A sophisticated production of Chekhov's classic that revels in its ambiguities.

Maya Marie on 2023-05-20

'A Play for the Living in a Time of Extinction' Review: ★★

Performance Review

For all its innovations and good intentions, the play’s baffling and almost-absent narrative structure does little to further the conversation.

Amber Ash on 2023-05-01

'A Streetcar Named Desire' Review: ★★★★

Performance Review

A haunting interpretation of A Streetcar Named Desire, with powerful characterisation aided by a sparse but evocative staging.

Amber Ash on 2023-04-08

Billy Wilder's 'The Apartment'

Essential Viewing

A romantic comedy About suicide, philandering and opportunism: Billy Wilder’s The Apartment

Rowan Hand on 2023-04-02

'No More Boys and Girls’: A Documentary That Deserves Your Attention

Hidden Gems

The way we treat children shapes how children think of themselves, the adults they become, and the society they perpetuate.

Anna Freeman on 2023-03-24

'The Lesson' Review: ★★★★

Performance Review

A radical departure from the original script, and one meant to ask some interesting questions of its source material.

Florence Singer on 2023-03-15

'An Intervention' Review: ★★★★★

Performance Review

Maia von Malaisé’s direction of An Intervention navigates the play’s tragicomic balance with skilful elegance.

Maya Marie on 2023-03-11

Life Imitates Art: the Influence of John Carpenter’s 'They Live'

Essential Viewing

They Live introduces a concern that couldn’t be more timely today: our relationship with the ambient noise of advertising.

Rowan Hand on 2023-03-06

'The Cambridge Footlights Spring Revue' Review: ★★★½

Performance Review

It’s in the nature of the sketch show to be hit-and-miss.

Amber Ash on 2023-02-27

'Her Very Many Faces' Review: ★★★★

Performance Review

For a play dealing with such sombre issues, it was surprisingly a delight to watch.

Maya Marie on 2023-02-16

Sunday in the Park with George Review - ★★★★★

Performance Review

Clearly produced with great affection, this production is one of startling emotional warmth and depth, executed with admirable delicacy.

Amber Ash on 2023-02-13

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Essential Viewing

Often imitated, never equalled, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre provides the DNA for every slasher film to come after.

Rowan Hand on 2023-02-03

'Orlando': in Dialogue

Double Take

Certainly enjoyable to watch, does Orlando manage to live up to is ambitious goals? Sylvie and Amber discuss.

Amber Ash, Sylvie Lewis on 2023-01-25

Cambridge Creatives' Top Films of 2022

Recent Releases

Our committee's hand-selected favourites from the last year.

Maya Marie, Rowan Hand, Amy Mallows, George Lloyd, Ali Rowe, Ella Plevin, Azeb Tuji, Maryam Tanwir on 2023-01-21

Triangle of Triangles: Thematic Depth in Ruben Östlund’s 'Triangle of Sadness'

Recent Releases

Triangle of Sadness blows all the doors off: it's rude, crude, over the top and on the nose. In the hands of a lesser director, this might be too difficult to abide.

Rowan Hand on 2023-01-10

Tenet - A Double Take

Double Take

Daisy Cox, classicist, takes on English student Angus Warburg as they give their contrasting takes on Christopher Nolan's "cinema-saving" film.

Daisy Cox, Angus Warburg on 2022-02-17

Happy Together

Essential Viewing

An affecting portrayal of diaspora, gay love, and the Sisyphean struggle towards intimacy.

Eric Yip on 2022-01-27

Pieces of a Woman

Hidden Gems

Despite recent wide release, Pieces of a Woman 's gemlike brilliance has remained somewhat hidden.

Isabel de Andreis on 2021-05-23


Recent Releases

There is no resolution in Nanau's documentary on Bucharest's Colectiv nightclub fire, no promise that things will get better in the future.

Miruna Tiberiu on 2021-05-16

The Casting of ‘Emma.

Recent Releases

Casting is a near-impossible task that can either make or break a film ; in Emma , Jessica Ronane delivers a stellar (though notably all-white) cast.

Abigail Reeves on 2021-05-09

My Octopus Teacher

Recent Releases

Rather than the scientific distance customary to nature documentary, My Octopus Teacher tells an intimate story.

Robina Murray on 2021-04-25

The Trial of the Netflix 35

Recent Releases

Netflix has an astounding number of nominations for this year’s Academy Awards.

Anna Freeman on 2021-04-23

In the Mood for Love

Essential Viewing

There are good films and there are important ones. Wong Kar-Wai’s In the Mood for Love happens to be both.

Chakira Alin on 2021-03-27


Essential Viewing

Community is style and substance, perfectly combined.

Aimee Hallsworth on 2021-03-20

Feel Good

Hidden Gems

A bit sad and a bit silly, but tentatively hopeful for what is to come.

Emily Beck on 2021-03-13

Edward II

Essential Viewing

Derek Jarman’s 1991 film is arguably the boldest adaption of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II .

Stanley Lawson on 2021-03-07

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Hidden Gems

A genuinely great sci-fi adventure film that deserves to be held up as one of Aardman’s best.

Emily Senior on 2021-03-05

Some Like It Hot

Essential Viewing

Some Like It Hot is pioneering, iconic and simply a joy to watch.

Clare Walsh on 2021-02-20


Recent Releases

2020 or otherwise, Ghosts is a lovely and heartwarming antidote to the stresses of life.

Leeza Isaeva on 2021-02-13

The Great Mouse Detective

Essential Viewing

From its heartwarming story, to its incredible score and tight plot, it perfectly captures the heart and whimsy of the Holmes stories.

Elliot Aitken on 2021-02-06

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Hidden Gems

Andrew Dominik’s 2007 revisionist epic is a breath of fresh air.

Genevieve Badia-Aylin on 2021-01-30

Singin’ in the Rain

Essential Viewing

Singin’ in the Rain captures what makes the movie musical such an incomprehensibly lasting genre.

Arianna Muñoz on 2021-01-23

Will and Grace

Hidden Gems

Running for 246 episodes, not one episode repeats the same story, or tells the same joke.

Maggie Conroy on 2020-12-05

A Woman Under the Influence

Essential Viewing

Cassavetes creates affecting cinema out of the banal and the intimate.

Lara Moran on 2020-12-05

To Be or Not to Be

Hidden Gems

No, I’m not talking about Quentin Tarantino’s 2009 action film Inglorious Basterds.

Arianna Muñoz on 2020-11-26

The Truman Show

Essential Viewing

When I mentioned to people that I’d never seen ‘The Truman Show’ before, their usual reflex was to react in shock

Emma Louise Hague on 2020-11-26

Paddington 2

Essential Viewing

Paddington 2 is one of the best movies ever made - there, I said it.

Harriet King on 2020-11-19


Recent Releases

An agonising and ultimately frustrated tale of resistance in the face of gender and religious-based oppression.

Rosie Stevenson on 2020-11-19


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