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All the information you need about Cambridge shows heading to Camden this year.

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In London this summer and want to catch the best of what Camden Fringe has on offer? Look no further than this short guide, which contains all the information you need about Cambridge shows heading to Camden this year!

INVASION! An Alien Musical

Camden People's Theatre, 31 July - 3 Aug, 12:00

Written & directed by Jasper Cresdee-Hyde & Jonathan Powell, music composed and directed by Lily Blundell, produced by Charlotte Dargan

Johnny Fox is chasing the job of his dreams at Lotus Land, Britain’s most magical theme park. But when his childhood toy comes to life, Johnny discovers the park hides a sinister secret: it's run by alien invaders!

Join Johnny, his hapless step-dad Brian, and the mysterious Sola on their quest to prove their worth and save the Earth in this toe-tapping tale of courage, family and intergalactic conspiracy!

Tickets: £14 (£12 concession)


Etcetera Theatre, Camden, 9-13 August, 7pm

Written by Evie Chandler, directed by Evie Chandler & Kate Austin, produced by Ayeda Majid

A curse has fallen upon Pasiphae, Queen of Crete. She can’t sleep, haunted by incurable nightmares, and feels her grip on reality slip through her fingers. An exploration of motherhood, lust and fate as a woman falls in love with a bull.

The story of Pasiphae is a difficult one to confront, dealing with perhaps the single most challenging taboo: bestiality. How could a woman fall in love with a bull, and go so far as to procreate with it? It is precisely this the playwright Evie Chandler attempts to confront head on, repositioning Pasiphae, a daughter of Helios, as a woman cursed by the actions of her husband, driven by “a fierce undercurrent of matriarchal violence and fury.”

Tickets: £12


Etcetera Theatre, Camden, 17-20 August, 3pm

Written by Shaira Berg, directed by Arianna Muñoz, produced by Sarah Walton-Smith & Shaira Berg

What would happen if we lived in a world where life-threatening physical wounds were treated as dismissible?

Gaslight is a play by Shaira Berg that delves into the devastating psychological impact of sexual assault and the struggle of victims to receive support. Scarlet, a university student in a seemingly loving relationship, is surrounded by toxic friends and in the aftermath of a traumatic incident, is plagued by a mysterious expanding physical wound. Gaslight is a powerful commentary on society's attitudes towards sexual assault and mental health.

Tickets: £10


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